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Airport Phone System

Airport Phone Systems

Airports must deal with a variety of communication systems. There are many different departments, security and other areas where communication is critical. It is important that an airport uses the best communication equipment and services available in the area. Some airports offer areas where travelers can setup their laptops and recharge their cellphones. This makes business traveler's time spent at the airport productive. Most airports use a variety of phone vendors for different areas.

Common Airport Phone Systems

The PBX phone system is the most common phone system found inside an airport. That's because this type of phone system offers multiple features and they are extremely reliable. An airport spends a lot of money upgrading their communications equipment and systems each year. Some airports rely on the traditional keyed phone system. Depending on where the airport is located, keyed phone systems can be very reliable. There is usually a communications department located within the airport. When the time comes to replace the system, most airports will break this task into smaller ones.

It is a huge task for an airport to replace existing equipment. However, with technology advances, this decision could result in reducing communication costs over time.

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Airport Security Systems

Airport security is a high priority at most airports located in the United States. Security systems must be 100 percent reliable. The airport's security department simply must use the best communications equipment available. Since this department is usually separate from the rest of the airport, the security department is usually responsible for replacing and maintaining security systems.

Most airport security systems use security cameras that are monitored around the clock. Surveillance cameras can be found in every area of the airport. Security cameras and equipment are part of the communications department. When these systems need to be replaced, the decision is often made by the security department. There are security systems that use existing phone lines and switches to improve the security at the airport. A wired cable phone line is extremely reliable because it is not affected by weather or other events.

Leasing Versus Purchasing Phone Equipment

Phone systems can be purchased or leased by the airport. It can be cost-effective to purchase the necessary equipment. Installing and replacing existing phone communication systems at an airport takes a considerable amount of planning. These decisions are usually the responsibility of high-level management. Installing a cost-effective system requires research and study of the different communications systems available today. Most phone company vendors will discount large companies who use their services.

It is important that the airport uses the best vendors available and not the lowest priced. Phone communication equipment and systems are complicated and require professional installation to ensure their effectiveness. The best way to compare vendors is to make a list of the vendors located near the airport. The vendor's reputation is an important consideration. They should also have experience installing large communications equipment at other companies. Airport communications also include Internet services. The presence of WiFi systems will be popular with frequent business travelers.