Compare Car Dealership Phone Systems

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Car Dealership Phone System

Car Dealership Phone System

How To Choose A Car Dealership Phone System

A reliable phone system is crucial when it comes to good communications at a car dealership. It is important that all extensions and phone lines are working properly. A variety of business phone systems are available that offer multiple phone lines while ensuring reliability. Significant technology developments have made communications clearer and bad connections almost a thing of the past.

Types Of Business Phone Systems

Private Branch Exchange is otherwise known as PBX and is still a popular choice for many car dealerships. PBX systems use trunk lines to connect to a public or private telephone network. The PBX system routes calls to various extensions within the dealership automatically. Some systems rely on an operator to route the calls.

Get Phone System Pricing Information

The costs involved in purchasing a PBX system is often lower than choosing a local phone carrier. The need for multiple lines makes the PBX system an affordable option for car dealerships. The costs are also determined by the features offered by the chosen telephone company.

Key phone systems are best suited for small car dealerships with few employees. These systems can accommodate multiple lines and require installation of a central key unit. A key-less phone system can support up to four lines and does not require the installation of a central key unit. These phone systems are best suited for very small car dealerships.

The costs of a key-less phone system is minimal. VoIP phone systems use the Internet to route phone calls around the globe. The advantage of this type of system is mainly for car dealerships with customers located around the world. International calls with VoIP are usually free.

Car Dealerships Need Reliable Communication

VoIP phone systems will depend on an Internet connection to be working at all times. These connections are generally not as reliable as standard phone lines. If the power goes out in a dealership, the Internet will not work and customers won't be able to get through. Key phone systems and PBX lines are more reliable. If the power goes out, these phone systems are not affected.

How To Choose The Right Phone System

The best way to ensure you choose a reliable phone system for a car dealership is to comparison shop. Call several phone carriers and compare services, features and costs. Many phone companies offer special promotions for new business customers. If you plan to expand your car dealership in the future, ask the phone company about their phone system's future growth capabilities.

Decide whether you want to lease or purchase phone equipment. It may cost more money in the long run by leasing the phone equipment. Use a vendor that has a good reputation for service and quality. The company you choose should include training in their quote. It is very important that all employees understand how to use the new phone system. Ask potential vendors about future software and hardware updates. The phone system you choose for your car dealership should be capable of lasting for 10 years or more.