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Church Phone System

Church Phone System

Choosing A New Church Phone System

Choosing the right phone system for your church requires a basic understanding of the different types of phone systems available. The first step to choosing a phone system is to develop a budget.

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Determine how much money the church can afford to spend on a new phone system. It is important to purchase quality communications equipment to avoid future problems. The next step is to determine how many phones and extensions your church needs. Consider the various departments within the church such as the youth group, choir department and child care services. Choose whether you want the new system to have a land line or use VoIP which transmits phone calls through the use of the Internet.

Land Lines Versus VoIP

Many churches still use a land line for their phone communications. One advantage of using land line communications equipment is the ability to call 911 and have the church's address show up on their communication system. A VoIP system must be configured to properly route 911 calls. One advantage to VoIP communications is the lower cost. Most long distance phone calls are free to almost anywhere in the world. You also have your choice in different types of VoIP phones. This system must be plugged into a high-speed Internet connection to work properly. However, if your church is on a small budget, then VoIP may be the best solution. In most areas, you can choose your land line phone carrier. The best way to compare the two systems is to figure out the costs and benefits of each system.

Costs And Benefits

One reason the cost of VoIP phone services is so low is because the operating costs are not as high as a land line phone company. The land line phone company must maintain hundreds of miles of cables to ensure good communications. The costs of this upkeep is passed on to the consumer. VoIP phone packages are very cost-effective. The benefits of using VoIP is low cost of communication services. Land lines offer a more secure phone connection. If the power is disrupted at the church and you are using VoIP phone services, phone calls will not be possible. A land line will still work even if the power is out. However, most people use their cellphones to make a majority of their phone calls. If the power is out, the cellphone is unaffected.

Purchase Or Rent

The decision to rent a phone system from the phone company or purchase your own equipment is another consideration. Purchasing quality phone company is more economical in the long run. However, if you are not sure about the quality of your new phone system, then renting makes more sense, especially if you need a large amount of phone equipment. Determine whether you need additional communication equipment such as fax machines. If you are renting your phone service equipment, then you can likely get a good deal on renting fax machines. Most phone companies offer discounts for large phone equipment purchases.