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College Phone System

College Phone System

Having an effective phone system for any organization or business is an essential part of making sure that everyone attempting to reach a person or department within that organization or business is able to do so. We have all faced the unfortunate task of calling a business we needed to reach, only to find an ineffective phone menu which led us around in circles, only to find that there was no way to leave a message, talk to a person or even find out relevant information via a recording. When a business or organization is large enough to warrant a telephone network, it is essential that the network be structured efficiently and properly in order to make sure that messages are conveyed both to and from anyone who might happen to call needing information.

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Colleges are one type of organization within which a functioning and efficient telephone network is absolutely necessary. An average university has many different departments, some of which are likely in different buildings and locations across a campus. Each of those departments will have its own unique messages to convey and individuals who need to be reached. Assigning an extension number to each of these departments is one way to ensure that people who need to reach a department by phone regularly can do so quickly and easily. Most extensions are simply a three or four digit number which a caller can enter when prompted so that they are redirected to the department of their choice.

Some callers, however, will not know the specific extension of their department when calling, or will not know which department they need to reach. For these callers, the implementation of a selection menu which allows them to choose a department or area in order to talk to someone or find more information is imperative. Callers can listen to a clearly stated menu which will help them determine what department they need to reach, and then press a corresponding button in order to redirect themselves to that department. An option should also be added to allow the caller to simply speak to an operator during business hours if necessary. This menu will prevent confusion about how to reach specific areas or people within the university.

Within each department, it is important that a phone network be set up so that calls are properly redirected. While each member of the faculty or adjunct faculty should have their own extension as well as their own voice mail accounts where students or other inquiring individuals can leave messages, each department will likely be split up into a few niche departments. For example, reaching the science department of a university via a phone menu may lead to the option to reach biology, chemistry, physics and other departments which are sub-fields of the overall department. Each of these sub-fields will likely have their own messages to record, and as such, it is wise to designate a faculty member from each department and sub-field to be responsible for their part of the telephone network.