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Cordless Business Phone System

Cordless Business Phone System

Today's new cordless phone system provide the features that make it easy to run a small business from home. They help to increase the productivity of any office by providing a portability feature that is often necessary with a small office.

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A good system of this type typically offers such things as caller ID, voice mail and call forwarding. With the latest versions, users can also enjoy longer battery life, lighter headsets and a digital answering service. Probably the best part about virtually any brand available is the call clarity that is heard without that annoying interference.

Most users love the "unplugged" feeling that allows them to roam around with the phone. Every system is connected to a base unit that also serves as a pager to find a handset or even a user provided they are in range. An intercom at the base station makes them even more flexible. There is even an option on some models to use another handset as the intercom.

Most manufacturers provide 2 to10 receivers in their package that are able to be used at the same time if needed. However, they all share one common phone number, so multiple calls can't be made at the same time. This is unlike a cell phone system which gives users a unique number of their own.

The entire system is based around a large central hub or station that will typically contain a digital answering system. The portable handsets are smaller and serve basically as extensions, but some models might also have access to the voicemail system.

Most cordless phones operate in the frequency range of 900 MHz to 6 GHz. These frequencies have increased over the years since they work better over long distance or where there is potential for interference.

As consumers have grown more sophisticated, so have the cordless phone systems. Users can now enjoy multiple mail boxes, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding. As features have been added, remarkably the size has also been decreases as well. Some of these models resemble cellular phones and can fit into a shirt pocket.

Despite the smaller dimensions, the sound quality hasn't suffered in the least. A number also include the option of plugging a headset into the included jack for private listening. Small business partners can use the built in intercom to contact one another or even find a lost handset with the built in pager.

Now there is even the option to integrate cordless phone systems into pre-existing office networks. This is due to the rapid growth of new technology that makes this process possible even for those who are not technology experts. For a small business, being able to implement a cordless phone system into their existing one without the additional cost of installation makes for one less headache.

Employees can now be contact even when they are not at their desk; a common occurrence for anybody running a small business. Cordless phone systems make it possible for any size business to increase their profits without sacrificing quality.