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Dentist Office Phone System

Dentist Office Phone System

A Good Dental Office Phone System is Something to Smile About

Communication with the outside world and those that can make or break a business is essential. As technology in healthcare services advance, the dental office should have more than a simple dial tone. An adequate phone system is perhaps the number one tool in a dental office to connect with patients and vendors.

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A dental office phone system is important on many different levels. Patients can confidently contact the dental office in case of an emergency or to make appointments. Not many will continue to contact a dental office that is unresponsive to their dental needs. Additionally, office workers can contact patients for follow-up visits and speak with vendors regarding essential supplies.

Types of Dental Office Phone Systems

There are several different types of phone systems that are suitable for use in a dental office. Traditional options include the PBX, KSU and KSU-less. VoIP is the latest option that capitalizes on using the Internet for telephone communications.

Generally, PBX phone systems are found in companies that have more than 40 employees. Large dental practices that offer a wide range of dentistry including general hygiene, orthodontic and cosmetic procedures may select a PBX system.

Mid-size offices may purchase the KSU system that comes with many advanced features to support daily office functions. Some systems come with an in-office extension feature. Others might have secure lines that cannot be picked up when in use. This is essential to ensuring compliance with patient confidentiality regulations.

Smaller practices may choose to have a KSU-less phone system installed. These work well in dental offices that have 10 or less employees. Typically, KSU-less systems are not wired into the office location which allows mobility for a growing dental practice. A downside to this flexibility is that KSU-less phone systems have feature and functionality limitations.

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, uses revolutionary technology for today's telephone systems. Multiple office locations can benefit from VoIP phone systems and save money.

Selecting the Right Dental Office Phone System

Making the right selection for a dental office phone system requires knowing which system offers features that support the practice. Multiple phone lines, automated answering and call waiting are helpful for a flourishing dental practice. Busy signals are a quick way to lose a patient who has a severe toothache.

With multiple phone lines, patients have a greater chance of having their call answered in a timely manner. The automated answering feature responds to a call after several rings. Patients can rest peacefully when their call is answered in a timely, professional manner.

Researching the competitors' choice is another way to find the right dental office phone system. Understanding likes and dislikes about current phone systems may help to determine what works best.

A dental office phone system is an important investment for a practice that wants to thrive. State-of-the-art dental equipment ensure dentists and hygienists can help patients maintain a healthy smile. However, the first impressions of a potential patient's experience during a telephone call can keep them from coming inside the office. Knowing what is available in dental office phone systems will guarantee the right purchase decision is made.