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Doctors Office Phone System

Doctors Phone System

Staff at a doctor's office can make, receive and route hundreds of phone calls a day. Without proper handling, many types of call-related issues can result, such as missed emergency calls and message-taking mistakes. As a result, for operational success, the design of a modern office telephone system focuses on providing doctors with a complete call management system.


A modern doctor's office phone system usually has more than one station and phone line and routes to multiple voicemail boxes and extensions.

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It provides internal direct-line and overhead paging throughout the office and the option to expand services as the office grows. Doctors can also select route by extension, name or department directory features for patients, vendors and others to reach an individual or department quickly.


A complete call management system also offers automated menu and attendant features designed to remove the need and expense of a traditional switchboard operator during or after office hours, as well as reduce caller redial frustrations.

With automated features, office staff set the phone system to answer every call and provide a choice of selections that inbound callers commonly need, such as office information (directions, address and office hours) or emergency nurse, billing department or automated prescription refill access. After office hours and during vacations or holidays, the auto-attendant greets callers with a professional message about the office status and auto-directs them to an after-hours general voicemail box, the on-call doctor, emergency paging or nurse line, general menu system or answering service.


During peak call periods, the doctor's phone system also provides backup when all lines are busy. With this feature, the system advises callers of longer than average hold times and provides options for them to remain on hold or call back at later. Doctors can also set up the system to route to a third-party outside call center to manage overflow calls with the “real-person” touch that many patients expect and need.

Additional Services

Doctors who want to track inbound and outbound calls can also add additional services to their office phone system that allows them to track overall system usage including statistics for total inbound and outbound calls, individual station call handling and overflow calls. They can also set it up to coordinate calls between offices in different geographic locations.

With so many options, a doctor's office phone system is a worthwhile investment. It helps reduce common phone issues associated with the busy pace of a doctor's office so doctors and their staff can focus on the important task of helping people to improve their health and well-being.