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Florist Phone System

Florist Phone System

Just like with any other business, florists have to do things to get and keep customers. They also need to be in communication with flower providers. This means that having complex and reliable phone systems is often very important to florists.

Multiple Lines

It is often the case that a particular florist won't be the only one selling flowers in town. In many situations there could be several florists, who all sell very similar flowers. If nothing else, giant chains like supermarkets will sell flowers in addition to everything else they sell. This means that if there aren't any other florists in a certain area, there will at least be a supermarket, so competition is almost always at a fever pitch.

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As a result, it's a terribly bad thing if you end up with customers getting a busy signal when they try calling a florist to arrange their flower needs. The customer has little reason to wait around for a particular florist. They may instead immediately call a different florist to get what they want, or instead go on to simply visit a supermarket in person.

Alternatively, a customer may just decide to order the flowers online. There are many sites on the Internet now that specialize in getting flowers delivered to a person's home. This might be an option that those who encounter a busy signal might use if they get frustrated enough.

So, this means that it's important for florists to have more than one line to handle as many customers at once as possible. This is especially true of florists since flowers tend to be something people ask for during holidays. So, many people could be calling for flowers all at the same time. You will severely limit your business possibilities if you only have a single point of contact through the phone for customers to call you through.


In a similar vein, customers could also get very frustrated if they have dropped calls, or if there is static on the line. You need to make sure that the phone service you use cuts down on this as much as possible. Trivial inconvenience is what the game is all about these days. Customers encountering any sort of trivial inconvenience, including any kind of phone trouble, will be likely to move on.

Answering Service

It's true that sometimes there are just too many callers at once. As a result, having a decent phone service to cover the overflow is pretty important. This way you can retain customers who won't make it to the active line. Many customers will prefer to talk to an actual person, but there are plenty that can handle going through more automated systems until they have a representative to talk to for helping them with their needs in regards to arranging flowers. An answering service can cover this nicely. In addition, if a representative is sought, having a repeating message or music to handle an overflow of people can also make a big difference in terms of sales.