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Hospital Phone System

Hospital Phone System

Key Features of a Hospital Phone System

When purchasing a new hospital phone system, it is a good idea to go over a list of key features while you are shopping. You can then sort the various systems that are offered based on these features so that you get a system that really fulfills all of your needs.

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Below are some of the things that you may want to consider. Keep in mind that specific situations require different things; the system that is right for one hospital may not be right for yours, so you need to do a unique analyzation.

Voicemail Access

The first thing that you should look for is a hospital phone system that allows you to check your voicemail messages from any phone terminal in the building. This just makes it easier for communication to flow in the hospital, which is very important to the livelihood of the patients. You should not be limited to checking your messages from your office or your desk. All users should be able to enter a password to get to their messages, regardless of where they are physically located and which phone they are using.

An Intercom System

A hospital phone system should also have an intercom system for in-house calls so that you can get in touch with anyone else quickly and easily. By dialing just the extension, which could be set to correspond to the office number, you can call that office directly. This makes calling faster because you do not have to dial as many numbers or remember the entire phone number. The real advantage, though, is that it will save you money. If you are paying for the minutes that you spend on the phone, the intercom can give you free calls. You should still be able to dial a number to get an outside line, which will then be charged.

Message Waiting Indicators

When someone leaves a voicemail message on the hospital phone system, you should have a flashing indicator light that will tell you that you the message exists. This way, you will never miss messages if you do not think to check them on your own. When you get calls at the hospital, they could be rather urgent, so this feature is very important. It allows you to get any urgent messages as soon as possible so that you can respond to them and take steps to help patients and co-workers.

More Features

These are just three features that you should look for in a new hospital phone system, but there are many more. You may want to consider shared voicemail boxes, away messages for when you go on vacation, and things of this nature. Make sure that you take everything into account before you make a purchase. It may help to make a list of things that you want before you even look at the different systems to see what is offered. This way, you can match the system that you buy up with your list of desired features and attributes.