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Hotel Phone System Price Considerations

When deciding how much to pay for a hotel phone system, there are a lot of important things to consider. Exactly how much you pay will depend on these considerations. In general, you need to figure out what the needs of each particular hotel might be. The size and type of hotel will make a big difference in what type of service will cover all of your needs within the hotel, and how much it’s worth to pay.

Number of Lines

If the hotel in question is a small one, then the amount of lines and services they need in a phone system could be much lower than in other circumstances. This is because the amount of phone calls you would expect to get on a regular basis would be considerably lower than in other hotels that have much more volume.

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As a result, if you only need a single phone line, for example, then the pricing should be much closer to that of traditional phone lines for individuals. But, it makes sense for it to be slightly more expensive than this if only because the one line that you have would need to be much more stable than it might be with individual lines. Customers tend to be not completely happy with greeting a wave of static instead of an actual person.

On the other hand, if the hotel in question is a particularly large one, then multiple lines could be absolutely necessary. If you have extra people to work and take registrations, then it makes no sense to have only one phone line. We live in a world where remote connections like through a phone line is becoming more and more likely than simply driving to a hotel to make a registration in person.

It makes no sense to have a large hotel without adequate phone lines to make sure that every customer who calls will be taken care of quickly without having to wait for a busy signal. After all, busy signals are the sort of thing that will make a potential customer move on and try a different hotel.

Call Waiting

As a result, call waiting could be something that could really help out a hotel and factor into how much you’re willing to pay in terms of pricing. Call waiting might mean that you can handle having fewer phone lines, since you can prioritize calls and give people more of a sense that your hotel is still on top of things and ready to take down registrations whenever they occur.

Answering Service

Perhaps the best method for handling hotel phone services is a decent answering service. This could include a “phone tree” that allows phone calls to be categorized. That way, those customers that are looking for reserving rooms will be prioritized over callers who have less pressing concerns, for example. These services will also let customers leave messages, or even key in what they want to reserve themselves, without having the need for an employee to take their call directly at all.