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Multi-line Phone System

Multi-Line Phone System

About Multi-line Phone Systems

Running a business or an organization that requires a lot of phone time can be a real hassle without the right system. A couple of single line phones might have gotten you started, but if you want to start expanding then maybe it's time to look into a multi-line phone system.

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There are tons of advantages to a multi-line phone system, and tons of different choices. The great thing is most systems can be individually tailored to suit the needs of your organization or business. But how do you get started?

Phone System Size

Deciding the size of your phone system is a great first step, and it'll depend on a lot of factors. You might not need an outside line for every employee or phone operator you have, but the number of these people is a great measurement for what kind of system you'll need. Often times your telecom company can help you figure out what your bussiness will require as far as lines, extensions, and ports goes.

Type of Multi-line System

There are several types of multi-line system. The smallest is a KSU-less system, which will generally be used for 10 employees or fewer. This system is a do-it-yourself option that might work great if you have a smaller operation. If you have more than 10 but less than 40 employees, a key system will suit you better. These systems are controlled by the central key device, rather than having each individual handset do the work. The typical features associated with multi-line phone systems are handled by the key, but these systems might be a bit less customizable than more robust offerings. Finally, anything greater than 40 employees is probably best served by a PBX system. PBX systems are pretty standard for larger operations. They're incredibly flexible, programmable systems that can provide the phone service you need, no matter how complex it is.

A multi-line phone system just might be the piece your business is missing. Luckily, if you're not too sure which way to go for your system, help is available. There may be a professional company that specializes in your type of business or organization specifically; they're a sure bet for getting a great multi-line system for your group. But if a specialist company isn't available, a general telecom company can tailor a system to meet your needs. Don't put it off any longer, start searching for your multi-line phone system and take your business to the next level.