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Nursing Home Phone System

Nursing Home Phone System

About Nursing Home Phone Systems

One of the most unique phone systems currently in use within medical environments is the one found in most nursing homes.

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These phone systems are actually multi-tiered, with different levels of service and communication for patients and medical professionals. They require a unique implementation that splits communication between these two groups, and they're one of the most complex to install. Even so, they're one of the most useful phone systems among medical environments, and a proper installation can make them a tremendous asset within the nursing and assisted living industries.

Two Tiers of Service: Keeping Patients and Professionals on Different Lines

Nursing homes are one of the few medical environments where an elaborate two-tier phone system is needed. Nursing home phone systems need to be able to differentiate between the patients in each room, and the nursing professionals who are available throughout the facility all day long. To do this, all calls must go to a central IVR, or interactive voice response system, where they can be properly routed to the appropriate patient or staff member.

After reaching the IVR, the call will be either guided through a computerized voice prompt or handled by a human operator. The caller will make it clear whether they wish to speak to a patient or to a nursing professional, and the system will then direct the call to both the proper tier and the proper phone within that tier.

Patient Phones: Good for Local Calls and Calls to Other Patients

The phones provided to patients in each room are placed into a class of service that allows them to make local calls outside of the facility. These phones can also call other patient rooms in the nursing home, and they can reach 800 numbers just like any other phone that would normally be in use by the patient. This provides just the right amount of communication with loved ones and fellow patients, without interfering with attendants.

Patient phones typically do not include voicemail services or long distance, largely because those services are reserved for the more "advanced" tier of the phone system that serves the nursing staff of the facility.

Nursing Staff: Enhanced Communication via Nursing Home Phone Systems

With the press of a different button, the operator or IVR can direct calls to the second tier of service in the nursing home. Instead of ringing a single patient's phone, this call will ring all administrative phones within the facility and it is the primary means of communication between staff and the family members of patients, as well as with medical professionals and others who may need to talk with the staff on duty throughout the day.

Typically, this tier of service does feature a voicemail system that can be used if no staff members are available to answer a call. Long distance calling features are also enabled for staff members, as they typically must place long distance calls when dealing with medication suppliers, doctors, and others who serve the facility.

An Advanced Way to Best Serve Patients and Loved Ones

Nursing home phone systems are designed to be efficient for both patients and nursing staff, enabling communication with doctors, families, and others, without interfering with treatment and rest. Their advanced ability to interact with operators and IVRs, as well as split calls and enable intra-patient communication, makes nursing home phone systems an absolutely essential service in any assisted living or extended care facility.