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Police Station Phone System

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About Police Station Phone Systems

Law enforcement agencies have a unique need for the right state of the art police station phone system. As a matter of public safety, it is imperative that the police phone system functions at its best at all times.

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The system should ideally have all of the capabilities required to handle the heaviest call volumes. This is what law enforcement agencies should look for in a police station phone system.

What to look for in a phone system

A phone system should be scalable and capable of growing as the agency expands or call volume increases. It should be able to store large volumes of caller information data. Some agencies may have a need for more advanced storage capabilities such as the capacity to quickly index and process caller information. Searching capabilities in the advanced systems may be particularly useful to busier law enforcement agencies. Certain features that improve the person's ability to conduct investigations covertly and effectively should also be taken into account. All components of the agency's phone system should be able to be upgraded. The system should also have adequate support in the event of unexpected technical difficulties. Agencies may also have to find multi-functional systems that can accommodate both emergency and non-emergency call volume.

Common problems when the phone system malfunctions

Some agencies keep their phones beyond the recommended time. Aging phone systems can cause Caller ID problems where caller information doesn't appear at the time the caller is answered. Older phone systems are also likely to have calls where one party is inaudible or can't be heard clearly. Calls may be more difficult to properly route to the correct extension. Inadequate voicemail ports puts limitations on how much call volume can be handled during peak activity. Nuisance routine calls from area residents are difficult to answer and quickly routed to higher ranking personnel when certain information isn't available when the call is answered. It may be difficult to work with multiple agencies when using an older phone system.

When are upgrades necessary?

When the call volume activity exceeds a certain level, the time to reevaluate the police station phone system needs may be approaching. When there are multiple locations being added to an agency's location, the existing system capabilities may not be able to accommodate the anticipated increase in call activity.

Ideally, there should be planning in place to determine when it is time to expand an existing phone system. To prevent connectivity and congestion issues associated with legacy phone systems, the systems should be evaluated regularly.<