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Real Estate Firm Phone System

Realestate Phone System

About Real Estate Firm Phone Systems

Like many other business, real estate firms utilize the same type of phone systems. Real estate companies also use the same decision making process when determining what kind of phone system to buy.

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The leading factor is usually the size of the company. Company size will often necessitate how many lines and extensions are needed. Various sized firms utilize different systems to maintain budget constraints and satisfy telecommunication needs.

Small Firms (Less than 5 employees

Real estate establishment with very few employees often utilize a KSU-less system. KSU-less system benefit smaller firms because they allow internal communication without bulky components. It operates like any other business machine with little need for outside maintenance, and it doesn't require extensive wiring. If the phone breaks down, a new one can be easily purchased.

There are a few setbacks to using these systems. Employees may experience phone interference with other constituents. Telecom vendors do not sell these systems and may not provide technical support.

Medium Sized Firms (5 – 40 employees)

Medium sized real estate firms prefer to use key systems. This system operates by using a central control box to allow extra features such as extension dialing or by disabling lines that are already in use.

Unfortunately real estate firm will incur the extra expense of purchasing different phones unless existing phones are fairly new. Key systems use central units are hardly compatible with older model phones. These systems also create the added expense of regular maintenance and professional installation services.

Large Sized Firms (Over 40 employees)

Real estate locations with more than 40 employees will benefit from installing a PBX system. These systems offer advanced functionality because it is programmable and can accommodate the most complex requests. Also, PBX systems provide the convenience of having specific hardware to route outbound and inbound calls.

The largest deterrent of using this system is the cost. PBX systems can be costly when compared to other phone systems.

No matter what size the real estate firm is, VoIP may be a viable option. This type of phone system operates by using the internet to make and receive calls. Operating costs are low and equipment is moderately price, but low call quality can happen anytime something interferes with the internet connection. Interference may be caused by bad weather or system outages.

It is imperative that real estate offices consider the size of their firm before selecting a phone system.