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Refurbished Phone System

Refurbished Phone System

About Refurbished Phone Systems

Purchasing a refurbished phone system will prove to be both economical and wise. Small and large companies can benefit from using a refurbished telephone system for several reasons.

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Perhaps the most popular reason of investing in a used phone system is to save money. The expense of purchasing a new system can be costly especially if the company needs a large amount of extensions or central operating unit. Key systems may cost about $300 to $1,000 per employee. The starting price for PBX phone systems is around $800 with an added expense of up to $1000 per employee. VoIP and KSU-less phone systems are much cheaper with an average cost ranging from $100 to $250. Using a refurbished phone system can save a company hundreds of dollars from initial start up costs.

In addition to monetary savings, companies still experience the same level of quality that newer systems have. Refurbished phone providers take special care to make sure that the phone system is functional before selling it. Testing and training should take place on-site immediately after installation to identify concerns. Once these dealers confirm that the product is working, an extended warranty may be offered to cover future malfunctions.

Refurbished phone dealers may have exclusive packages that manufacturers do not make. This will eliminate the pressure to purchase unneeded equipment from a predetermined amount and can be less expensive than purchasing additional individual parts.

New systems will still break down or require new parts. Refurbished phone parts may be easier and cheaper to obtain from a refurbished phone dealer. Phone manufacturers may not provide the option to purchase small components if there isn't a large market for it. These manufacturers may suggest that a new unit be purchased.

Sometimes a growing company anticipates rapid expansion, but lacks the money to install a complex phone system to accommodate growth. A temporary phone system can be installed until the budget becomes available. These companies may invest in refurbished units for provisional use. This is a smart financial decision because the equipment can often be sold after it is purchased.

Companies who explore the option of purchasing a refurbished phone system seek cost efficient way to obtain a phone system without sacrificing dependability or level of service.